It's not really about me, it's about you:

About all the times you figured there was more to training and perhaps even life.
About all the times something has felt missing, a connection, a community, a tribe, a certain intimacy.

It really is about you, if you're the type of person that wants to explore and discover how far you can take your mind and body. Bringing things back to the root of our existence and fitness (in the literal sense of the word).

To breathe, move well, be attuned to the environment, be pain free, better coping mechanisms for stress and life, and virtues of character passed down through the ages to become a better human being.

To contemplate life and death with principles of Stoicism and Buddhism.

To help further the search of meaning.

Which I won't insult anyone's intelligence with to state I have found the secret to, only that there are many tools to find out what that meaning might be.

If that all speaks to you, then this is for you.


The Symbol:

The Dragon Head symbolizes the treasure guardian within us, the one that keeps us from our potential and highest self. The dragon we must all slay to find and embody the best of ourselves. 

The Hammer (Mjolnir) represents the power of the gods (the universe, the source, nature) that is innate in all of us. This power we can constructively wield as a formidable weapon against the dragon(s) keeping the best of us locked away. With the recognition and acknowledgement of our inner power we can face and slay our dragon(s). Enabling us to once again merge with the source of being. The full power of the gods, the universe, nature, the omnipotent source is at our disposal: that is the true treasure which resides in ourselves.

About Me:

I've often been labeled as intense by people that have been my superiors in traditional large gym chain system. Which I initially thought was negative. Of course it could have negative connotation. But my intensity comes from my desire to give you what I've found through physical practice. It was the very thing that opened up the rest of my practices. My spiritual practice (If we can call it that), my self development practice and now my business practice. None of these would have followed if it wasn't for the seemingly very simple thing of starting a physical practice.


Overcoming Autism Spectrum Disorder and Major Depression Disorder has granted me a few fundamental insights which lay at the base of changing cognition and behavioral patterns.

Which is exactly the epiphany of syncretism (and unity) it endowed me. That all these practices are interlinked and interdependent. Everything is activated and requested for a physical practice. So that's what I'm striving for. By extension a promise to myself as much as you. The continued adherence to the practice in itself, the path.

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