I help people optimize their lives by changing their physiology and state. My journey of self-development puts me in a position to guide and lead others through theirs backed with 11 years of experience.

I started out as a PT and came to many walls with clients. As the adage goes: If all you have is a hammer, everything is a nail. When I asked my clients about nutrition, it made sense why aesthetically little progress was made. When I asked them about sleep, it made sense why they had so little energy. When I asked them about stress, it made sense why they were so tight and rigid. You can do a lot with movement, but it lead me to the realization I was used to treating people in a fragmented way and that I boxed myself in unintentionally.

Nature dictates you are a multidimensional organism, in the sense that you exist out of many layers. Thus symbiosis is addressing all those dimensions. Which is nutrition, sleep, movement, psychology (mental health/trauma/stress) physiology (breath-work, organ, and biofeedback optimization). This is why I offer my services as a holistic coach, so together we can take care of all these aspects together, in the best way for your individual needs.

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