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The intention of holistic coaching differs in scope than most other coaching services. It accounts for and addresses as much as possible. That doesn't mean that other specialists won't be used as support, a good coach will make use of those as well. It means, however, that we work on integrating and acknowledge the interdependent and interconnected nature of the organism. We look at everything together in the function of your experiences and your life.

Through a thorough assessment, we will get a good idea of where you are in regards to the function of biological systems (like the nervous system). This assessment goes from breathing, sleep, nutrition, movement to how you deal and respond to change, and how you've been coping with stress.

My clientele is high performers in several fields, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Hedge fund managers, and businessmen. The process is based on a phase I create based on the assessment, each phase consists of several programs. I follow up with the client weekly with personal check-ins for those who live in Oslo and calls (or video calls) with those who live abroad like London and Hong Kong.



1. Sleep


2. Accountability


3. Psychology


8 Guidance

4. Focus & Energy

5. Movement

6. Nutrition


Typically clients will stay on board for a year or more, depending on their situation. There is no commitment, payments are done monthly. Depending on the client there is frequent contact through WhatsApp, journals, and videos outside of the calls. Through this frequent contact, everything in the phase can be changed on the fly to be adapted to a client's change of circumstances.

7. Growth