Anonymity and confidentiality are key factors of the coaching. This is why there are no names posted here (unless requested). Each of these clients wanted to share their results whilst maintaining their privacy. At the end of the day, for my clients who are high performers in all walks of life, what matters is their privacy. 

Furthermore, for all of these stories, it starts with them wanting guidance and me seeing the potential and their ideal. A big part of these transformations is giving clients the tools, support, environment, and self-belief to work towards that ideal, which is the image they have of their better selves.

Online Client: Female, 39.

Approaching 40 and with a very demanding job, I started realizing that the past few years have been all about work and not so much about me.

The long working hours and continuous stress started taking its toll on my overall well-being and my physical condition, with stomach aches, sleepless nights, heart palpitations and even panic attacks occurring more and more frequently.

That is when I decided I needed to take some action to put my life back on the rails and ran into Sim' coaching program. We have been working together for 4 months now, and I'm making clear progress both mentally and physically.

No more stomach aches, which was solved within one month by changing my diet, I'm becoming fitter each day and am clearly building up muscle thanks to a 4-day-a-week physical training program, and have found much more mental tranquility by building in morning and evening routines that create more mental resilience. I am amazed by the multidimensionality of Sim's approach: I have a personal trainer, nutritionist, mental coach, relation therapist, drill sergeant and enthusiastic supporter all in one person!

This is of course not all that surprising, if you consider that the path to finding more balance, requires a holistic approach to improve the way you live.

Sim has been the perfect person to guide me on this path, and despite the distance is available around the clock, demonstrating his dedication to his coaching.

There is an enormous fulfillment in going back to your core being, and how this helps you to function more efficiently at at a higher level.

I cannot wait to see what the future will bring us!

Online Client: Male, 43.

Sim's coaching gave me tremendous results. Since we started about 6 months ago, I have experienced huge changes in my inner world. My main issues are lack of self-confidence, self-hate, non-acceptance of self, fear of rejection, fear of sexuality, fear of negative feedback and many many more:) Together with Sim we go through all aspects of my life, including nutrition, training, daily routine, mindset, behavior, etc. We work together through my fears, uncertainties, and confusion.

Work with my body gives me more confidence and self-reliance; work with my fears releases tensions in the body and makes more space in my soul; nutrition, self-care changed my focus from the external world towards me and my life. Reading assignments gave me a lot of food for thoughts and broke many constraints in my head. 

Sim is very supportive and non-judgmental, he is really good at creating trust and space for discussion of difficult topics. The program is always changing so you can see real development. When I got an assignment to take a cold shower for 10 sec, 6 months ago, I was in panics:) Last Sunday I swam 80 sec in Oslo-fjord (outside weather +4C).

I enjoy the changes in my life: I am not so scared anymore, I feel more relaxed, more confident, more self-accepting. At my work, I do not react to stressful situations at all, I became a stable and balanced guy.
It is still many things to be resolved in my life, but I like the development:)

Online Client: Female, 29.

When I look back at the very beginning when I first embarked on this journey with you, I went in with little to no hope of changing my deeply rooted behavioral patterns. For more than 10 years, I've been stuck in my own destructive mentality and way of life. Everything from my OCD tendencies to my unhealthy relationship to food and having had anorexia, orthorexia; just my everyday stress triggers, my destructive coping mechanisms, the list is long and so dove into that and made me face everything dead on, no sugarcoating, no nothing. You were strict but fair and you knew exactly how to go about it all without pushing me too far too soon (which marks the characteristics of a professional). 

Just thinking of the life I used to live and the life I am starting to live brings tears to my eyes. I went from making it through the day wanting to see the next day. My OCD is almost completely gone and I never thought that was possible. I eat food without counting calories, after 10 years that is a first. By going carnivore, the constant inflammation I lived with is gone. And not to mention the spiritual aspect that you made me focus on, enriched my life immensely. You have helped me gain quality in my life that actually makes me want to get up in the mornings.

Aside from the support system you provide and the genuine dedication, you just go all-in with your own experience and expertise to give people a chance at life. I will always be grateful for that. 

I named you Light Bearer because that is exactly what you are; a bearer of light. I was so far into a chronic depression that I couldn't remember how light felt. You helped me help myself and change things little by little through the program, through taking action, through facing my demons. Your calls, your words, and you just being there whenever I needed you made me feel cared for. 


I found someone to lead me into seeing a righteous path, but I never expected to gain a friend in all of this. Thank you Sim, for you being you and for all the devotion and care you put into your line of work. It comes from the purity of your heart and I know all your clients, past and present would agree. 

Smooth sailing my friend, always 



Online Client: Male, 45.

Since working with Sim over the last 6 months a whole number of positives have come into my life, I put those down to three areas, Sim's guidance, my natural resolve, my Faith and talents I have been given and I know that without all three areas working I personally would have not achieved all that I have in the last 6 months.

Sim has motivated me into setting up new businesses, growing and improving my existing businesses, becoming fitter and stronger mentally and physically, gaining more energy, looking healthier, getting on top of my work and personal admin and generally becoming much more organized in life and an all-round better version of myself. I have an enjoyment for cleaning now and an ability to deal and process detail in subjects much better than I can ever remember. I have to highlight that I am also loving the new diet I am eating that Sim suggested I try out, I was skeptical at first but glad I stuck with it as I know that was an important part of my journey over the last six months.

Shortly after starting with Sim I made a list of 26 items I want to do over the coming months. I had wanted to climb Kilimanjaro for a few years and climbing it was on that list, Sim and  I discussed it and a few weeks later he helped give me the push to go for it, I booked my trip, left two weeks later and got up and down one of the more challenging routes in a speedy time of under 5 days. I have ticked off and done half that list and looking forward to hopefully doing the rest this year.

I am revealing to heal and enjoy the sessions discussing all areas of life with Sim on a weekly basis to help move my life on and achieve things I had only dreamed of. Before I had started working with Sim I found I was procrastinating with many things in different areas of my life, this was a bad habit I had picked up after taking a few knocks and curves balls over a number of years that will often come your way in life. I like a saying by a famous entrepreneur, "Screw it, just do it" Now I am in a position to live my life that way and I have some exciting plans ahead for the coming months and years. My friends, family, and colleagues see a difference in me and so do my two young sons.

I am no ordinary A4 individual and I did not need an A4 ordinary coach, Sim is a hugely impressive young coach and a man who has taught a relatively old dog a quite a few new tricks. I look forward to working with Sim over the coming months and years, the benefits are immeasurable compared to the monthly costs what equates to a few nights out on the town a month for me, it is one of the last things I would cancel if things got tricky financially for me. The monthly cost pays for itself countless times over nonmonetary and monetary with my improved quality of life, improved income and also the fact that I am saving money by polluting myself less with alcohol and junk food, something that I will not stop as I enjoy them and believe they are fine in moderation. I am reading up on Phase 3 this weekend and excited about where that will take me over the next 6 months.