The Service

In the field of coaching, we typically see two approaches, that is mental (top-down) and physical (bottom-up). I like to work from both angles at once because in the end these two are interconnected just the same.

Most people like to think they have an information issue, rather than a mindset or framing issue. Though I can assure you that information in itself is no longer an issue. Information selection and quality are debatable, but people have achieved incredible health outcomes even with less information, so I’m not buying it. The question this often leads to is the mindset and framing: why don’t you value your health?

Quite typically the answer to the question is related to time, energy, and effort. This is exactly why I built a service that assesses your current needs and level and offers simple seamless solutions to your daily life. The time, energy, and effort can be scaled down to such a degree that it keeps a high ROI. 

How does that work? 

Most of the fundamentals can be reduced to low-hanging fruit that has always been there to pluck, but because of your position and framing you just haven’t seen it.

That’s exactly why it’s important to work from both angles. There’s always a mental aspect to why people aren’t addressing the physical, and addressing the physical makes it easier to build and enforce the mental aspect. 

My service helps balance out these aspects so that you thrive and thus your business will thrive.