The Offer

A complete reduction of guesswork, friction, and resistance to a seamless integration of health systems in your daily life completely adapted and scaled to you. 

Sleep, nutrition, breath, movement, light, stress, and mental states, they’re all interdependent and interconnected. Knowing this, I develop a structure that tackles each dimension at the appropriate level for you.

How do I reduce the guesswork, friction, and resistance?  

Through thorough screening and testing, I create a framework, structure, and blueprint that I guide you into integrating these seamlessly. 

Everything can be broken down into a manageable buildup that scales up and down according to your needs and states. 

This fluidity allows us to maintain consistency and momentum while keeping the bigger picture in mind, which is your health and performance, and how this directly impacts your business. 

Consistency beats intensity. We will constantly adjust the intensity, alongside the accountability you have from checking in, reporting to, and calling with me, so we can maintain consistency. This is the key to success for anyone in a position such as yours: small changes compounding over time with a manageable and flexible structure.