Translating to: The Path of Sudden (Self) Awareness

It is the ultimate coaching experience and experiment. 


Over a full year we aimt to build self awareness into every inch of your life. 
Which means we'll work hard on repattering, changing behavior and fundamental beliefs/perceptions. 
This isn't for everyone as it requires dedication and a strong mindset. 

I of all people understand how hard change can be, however given the time and energy I've spent on developing tools for change I'm confident that we can use time more efficiently on change when you don't have to spend time looking for tools. 

Together we make and adjust a framework, structure and blueprint for long lasting change. 

What this entails: 

  1. Assesment through filmed exercises
  2. Following assement tailoring the program to your current level and desired level
  3. Adjustments to the program when the situation calls for it
  4. Daily check in via mail (and or social media) with feedback
  5. Weekly Skype video call or whatsapp call to check in and adjust
  6. Journaling
  7. Cold exposure
  8. Meditation
  9. Nutrition (basic, when more advanced nutrition is needed a referel to a hollistic nutritionist will be made)
  10. Movement
  11. Mandtory reading
  12. A comprehensive and personalized Down-Regulation protocol (parasympathetic protocol)

Tao of Anagnorisis : 1 year coaching

kr 40 000,00Price
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