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The Lord's Work

Doing the Lord's work.

I've often remarked to people when they asked me what I was doing or how I was doing at work (PT), that I was just doing the Lord's work. Although I say that lightheartedly, the real meaning is veiled by humor. Because in reality, that's how it feels. Not in a religious sense per se, definitely in a spiritual sense. When I refer to the Lord or God, I mean the life force that runs through the universe. The same life force that is an inherent principle in eastern religion and of course the provides the foundation for western religion. And no, believing in “The Force” does not make a Jedi. I believe in a higher something whether that's a higher consciousness or collective consciousness. The terminology, although important, is not something I want to draw attention to.

The focus is on feeling that the universe is working through me when I do what I believe is my higher calling. Steven Pressfield describes it much more eloquently in his book The War of Art. It's an experience that fuels my belief, I didn't read the book and just adopt it. I've experienced it for a very long time and the way Steven Pressfield described it hit the nail on the head spectacularly. For a long time, I thought that maybe it was just my interpretation of things that bordered on the mystical. Although it might actually border the mystical, I'm overjoyed to read that I'm not the only one experiencing this.

We tend to call it purpose, destiny, faith, whatever name you want to stick on it. You intuitively know when what you're doing is what you are supposed to do. Even when it comes with its own resistance and times called upon to endure. In my experience, it also explains where major dissonance comes from. Doing things because insert whatever reason here, instead of doing what you think you should be doing. Even when you have found your higher calling or higher purpose, it will course adjust. We are dynamic organisms constantly adapting and growing, as we grow so does our cause.

I think it's inherently important to embody the vehicle of “Divine Will”. The sooner we work our way out of dissonance the better we start feeling and acting towards what the universe whispers to us. To hear those whispers, you need to gain an awareness that's found in stillness. If you're just being kept busy so you can numb yourself and avoid confrontation with the fact that you aren't living the life you think you should or have dreamed of, then those whispers will only manifest as that little nagging voice in the back of your head. Perhaps it manifests as intense unhappiness, even in the wake of immense achievement. I've found most of my achievements quite hollow, because of that dissonance. The things I'm truly proud of are the things that matter to me, my development and my ability to be an instrument for the creation of heaven on earth. Through physical training and art, not those exclusively.

Creating awareness and stillness so the whispers become more clear isn't the only deciding factor for happiness, taking action is, of course, a deciding factor. Another factor would be the appropriate philosophical approach to support the demands of a life lived according to the highest order. It's not necessarily happiness were after but the wholeness of being, which is a result of working on the creations you are asked to bring to life. Working in line with your true beliefs will at the very least increase the general contentedness in life. There's much to left to discover how we can make the best out of our time on this beautiful planet. Merry Xmas to all. Sim

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