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Tao of Anagnorisis

This is an invitation to an experiment and experience based on my 10 years accumulating guiding principles and tools to better myself on all levels.

This is open to 10 people only, after the slots are filled it will be closed for a year.

If I managed to overcome autism, imagine: what could you do with this process? If I managed to get this far some such a deep deficit as major depression, Imagine: what you could achieve through this experience? It's an experiment in self discovery. There's many living out there ready to improve themselves. This coaching experiment and experience is a process I call: Tao of Anagnorisis. Which translates to: the way of sudden awareness

The process is based on implementing parasympathetic control and cognitive behavioral awareness. I'm looking for people for a year of coaching to show merit of this integral protocol. which is a combination of my entire experience of tools born out overcoming my own adversity. What if it isn't a lack of knowledge, but a need for guidance? What if it's a lack of discipline, but a need for support? What if it isn't a lack of will, but a need for structure? There are many who are ready to do, an attempt to do so and fail. Because they don't have some pieces of the puzzle on how to modulate things for themselves. Most hesitance is in the unknown metric of Return on Investment. With so many options available to us the ROI of missing out scares us, we'd rather lose no time and effort doing nothing and keep our options open. Would you rather gain experience through self experimentation or keep your options open but unexplored? The experiment and experience aims at making you self reliant and autotelic. The whole process will take a year so we can work with a individualized structured approach in making sustainable and lasting changes. Some tools rooted in somatic awareness and others rooted in cognitive awareness. In this way we have a whole and integral practice based on movement, nutrition, body awareness (psychosomatic awareness) and behavioral awareness (thoughts,feelings, habits, patterns). Without the time constraint we changing the internal set points in all facets of the nervous system. This process takes that amount of time because it will help improve hormonal regulation, neurotransmitters, increase neurogensis and positively change genetic expression. What could you do in a year with a focused and structured approach?

When you are interested or know an interested person, contact me at info@simvandaele.com

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