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It technically doesn't really matter to me what science says if it doesn't corroborate with how I feel. Side note: It does matter in the sense that it gives me information I could use for someone else. It obviously is also beneficial to and in the larger picture Having experienced a host of Gastral Intestinal issues, going by how I feel seems to be the safest bet.

When I know that most bread/wheat products give me gastral distress, I don't eat. it honestly doesn't matter to me if it's gluten, fodmaps or glycophsophate. Even if it was something we don't know about yet or because I have a certain balance of bacteria or a subset of bacteria that reacts to it.

When I know most alcoholic drinks give me heartburn, fucks up my appetite control, depending on the drink water retention and bloating, generally produces waste. I don't drink them.

If a certain amount of sugar and a certain amount of carbs make me feel lethargic, give me GI distress or makes my skin break out: I don't eat them.

My experience through many failed experiments (that turned out to be stepping stones) give me a decent picture of what works FOR ME. My carb tolerance is one of them. I've gone extremely low carb and then started introducing an amount and source that seem to only have beneficial effects on my performance and mood. Depending on how I feel I can eat some potatoes or jasmine rice. For the sake of convenience I tend to keep them for my leg days. Just because that's an easy to structure to stick to.

We need to acknowledge and remember that science is Parameter dictated, based and bound truth. Not ultimate nor universal truth, even if certain things extrapolate.

Living and experimenting in extremes has helped shaped a protocol that works for me. And I've noticed that as my gut microbiome is healing it tolerates much more than before. Which also means that if I stay on point 99% I can have something that usually don't eat when we go out for dinner. No guilt, minimal gut distress and no stress.

There's also this: This current protocol works for this current environment. Internal (microbiome, hormones, genetics, epi-genetics, age) external (workload, training load, stress, environmental toxins, calorie intake, macro balance, food quality, sun exposure, temperature exposure). As these parameters change and shift outside of a certain margin I'll have to tinker with the parameters.

The other things is I don't feel restricted. Paleo: fish, meat, veggies doesn't feel like a restriction. A 6 hr eating window doesn't feel like a restriction A 4 hour eating window doesn't feel like a restriction 2 meals a day doesn't feel like a restriction 1 meal a day doesn't feel like a restriction 3 to 4 day fast even doesn't feel like a restriction

There's always: Good science Bad science Bro science Demonetization of macro's and protocols Diet tribalism Grounded approach and understanding And your own experience through trial and error.

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