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I am my scars” -Illidan

A good statement, not necessarily to base yourself in, but to own it. Own your scars. So many times I have ran from my shame, personal failings and my scars. That pushing down of experiences, events, thoughts, feelings is very prevalent in today's society. Especially when it comes to the things we're not proud of. I myself don't like discussing things while I'm struggling with them. Mainly because I can't make heads or tails of those feelings while I'm in the middle of them.

As well known from Jungian psychology you can't be “whole” until you integrate your darkness. Your scars and corresponding shame/embarrassment are part of that darkness integration. Dr. Jordan Peterson made an apt statement: “You find what you need where you least want to look”. Our physical behavior in regards to shame or embarrassment mirrors our psychological. When we see something embarrassing or did something embarrassing we often look away. This is mirrored internally, we don't want to look straight at our scars.

When we don't take ownership of those scars they turn into anchors and mental barriers. Which is true for whatever catalyst an event or experience comes in. Confrontation, acceptance and ownership of the multitude of containers our darkness come in hold growth and healing. We're often victimized by our scars and feel like something has been taken from us. Whether that be power, drive, dignity or integrity. When we take ownership of those scars our power returns. Those scars hold unbeknownst power waiting to be reclaimed.

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