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Playing catch up

I have for the longest time entertained the idea that I need to catch up. Catch up on the books someone has read, the wisdom they have garnered. However one does not catch up to ancient wisdom, that same wisdom that was transmitted to the person(s) I am chasing to catch up. The knowledge and wisdom is there, and thus by reading it will I form my own conceptions.

Catching up, in my mind, usually implies that they have something (knowledge or skill) that cannot be obtained from elsewhere, solely from them, which hastens my pace to catch up. In fear of never knowing what that person did or knows or never to obtain what he has accomplished.

Although it is obvious, and often stated, that we all (must) follow our on path and lead or own journey, the implication of forming my own notions and attaining a certain skill is an individualized process has long eluded me. There is in effect no need to catch up with anyone for the source and abundance of their enrichment is not confined to that person. It is found in the core values and truth that is perpetuated through ages and inexplicably interwoven in reality through sociological, cultural and spiritual wisdom.

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