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Learning from failure

By casual observation and the sum of my experiences and those of others: maybe learning from failure follows a bell curve structure.

Where on the one end we have the people that learn from failure at all. The type of person that keeps making the same mistakes, lacks ownership and reflective capability and thus blames everyone else in the self feeding cycle of victimization.

I'm giving my own personal positive outlook, but perhaps most people fall in the middle. Where these types of people learn from their failures and mistakes. Some learn faster than others, the fast learners are seemingly part of a minority. Most of them still go through cycles of victimization, but in the end take ownership and reflect back on their lessons. The fast learners bypass victimization all together because their awareness levels are on point, they quickly take full ownership. They adjust, adapt and move on.

At the end of the curve there is a very small minority that experiences little to no failure. In a professional setting that can be someone like Floyd Mayweather who hasn't lost a single professional fights. They have probably learned from failure in early stages, but haven't had any such professional failures. There are people out there that operate on the graces of extremely good luck. Though that minority falls well below 1% of the population.

The goal here would to basically be in the middle, in the part of curve where the fast learners are situated. The faster we can recover from failure or brush it off, the faster we can move on and pick ourselves up. Conquering one problem makes room for the next one, the better we can take that in stride the more content we'll live our life. Knowing we can surmount the challenges thrown at us by life.

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