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Alexander the great, Genghis Khan, Caesar. Conquerors. Benjamin Franklin, Edison, Tesla, Newton. Disrupters/Innovators Socrates, Marcus Aurelius, Plato, Confucius. Philosophers

The world as we know it is built on the shoulders of those with hubris.

Yet seemingly extreme confidence is confused with arrogance. And if there is arrogance, what of it?

Certainly in my native culture and here in Norway there is a collective pushing down of such things. Because of what seems to me as apprehension of superiority. But superiority is only felt and perceived, in your own little microcosm. The thought, perception and perpetuation is based in low order thinking. From my own findings, patterns I recognize in myself and others, the ones that have some sort feelings of inferiority are usually the ones the cry out the hardest about supposed superiority of others. If you were truly confident, grounded, centered and aligned would you even care? Whatever this inferiority feeling is about, health, fitness, wealth, possession, ability, skills, knowledge.

I used to look at other people with vicious and poisonous contempt: How dare you be better than I! Who's really creating suffering here? The one who meticulously practiced and honed his craft? Or the one who never lifted a figure but feels like he should be bestowed the same capability without deep work? I couldn't stand people of my age that were better than me, for the sole reason they made me feel even more worthless and inferior than I already felt. Working on myself has completely eradicated that, I only feel respect for their craft and practice on which they have spent considerable amounts.

All the greats listed above must have felt a feeling of I can this better than another, I know this better than an another, I understand this deeper than another. Another is just a reference point. I gather not arrogance in their thinking (although it might pop in behavior) but confidence in capability and self betterment.

Imagine how many more disrupters/ innovators there would/could be. There's grave yards full of them. Most of what we have today is built on a small minority of inventors, disrupters and revolutionaries. It's not the masses that produce the jump forward, although they support it.

I don't think the goal/societal conditioning should be to push down hubris. Instead a societal understanding that wants to create more awareness, grounding, leverage and channel that hubris constructively. Especially when we know it's only a handful of people that advance our species.

My own hubris has pushed me very far, the only difference is that I think (and know) we all have that capability. And there in lies the biggest difference. We could all do great things, produce great art, think of something innovative and push our species further. There is no superiority of being, and this is where I feel most people lose the ball. When you reason and think purely out of your own ego as this one little person with with this limited set of skills than you're the one who perceives superiority and interprets that as a threat.

How can any other human being be superior to the same being? Spiritual practices understand this very well. There is superior skill, knowledge and understanding. There is no real superiority in being. We tend to confuse these. Which is apparent as we put experts on a pedestal in social proof and perpetuate to said experts a halo of other attributes. Whether it's a black belt, a doctor, a scientist or a government figure. We distribute authority and then wrap what the authority entails in a bigger package with all we think that expert should be and should represent. A black belt isn't a better human being than you. A celebrity isn't a better human being than you. The prime minister isn't a better human being than you. All beings are equal in their beingness.

Maybe the challenge lies in perpetuating confidence without arrogance. Although there is a dividing line, we can't change someone's perception of where that line should be. The deeper the practitioner goes within, the more clear that diving line becomes. I don't think the answer is out there externally. I think the margin and line is dependent on the individual. The only way to find out where that line is: is to walk it.

Maybe it's insane to think myself of the likes of Ido portal and all the masters, craftsmen and "gurus". However:

What we're looking to develop is extreme confidence. Without it's shadow side, negative counterpart or other connotations that lead to arrogance. Because those ill misgivings is what makes you think you possess superiority of being. Extreme confidence is the knowing and trust in capability and capacity. I KNOW i'm a better personal trainer than most personal trainers. I know I'm better at English than most people. I know I have more extensive knowledge of philosophy than most. I know I see and experience deeper levels and meanings to the universe and our existence than most. I know I write better than most. I know I can offer guidance with my experience of post traumatic growth. Most importantly to me: I know my integral practice puts me in immensely small percentage of people globally. The ones that practice the practice and walk the path. I'm among the uncommon among uncommon men. And among masters of their craft and guru's alike. Not because of any one thing, but because of the breadth and depth of my practice and having experienced within myself what i could only describe as sliver of divinity.

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