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Dogma is another example of a demonized term or given unnecessary negative connotation.

Probably through the same line of empty parrot echoing of out context taken statements that leads to some (if not most) demonetization of words.

According to the translations of Pierre Hadot in Stoic Philosophy the word dogma is derived from Dogmata, which refers to life-principles.

“These practical rules manifest a global attitude, a vision of the world, and a fundamental inner choice, which is expressed in a “discourse” (Epictetus), or in universal formulas which Marcus following Epictetus calls dogmata. A dogma is a universal principle which founds and justifies a specific practical conduct, and which can be formulated in one or several prepositions.” Quoted from: The Inner Citadel by Pierre Haddot.

The way Marcus Aurelius uses dogmas was a way to practice and solidify life principles by writing them down in what is know as his Meditations. Which he states: “Run the risk of dying out, if one does not constantly reignite those inner images which make them present to us.” Obviously there is a power there we collectively have not tapped into. The stoics in their practice are relatively fluid with how their dogmas are represented (as a writing exercise), as long as the core of the moral good is maintained. What I'm trying to point out is that dogma's weren't the staple of close-mindedness, which is a meaning the word has taken on now. Open-mindedness is still a major component if you want thrive in life. Having a fluid dogma is captured well by the statement: "Strong beliefs, weakly held"

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