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    Co-identification and equivocation with a state. When this happens it’s a combination of a state and a trauma/wounding (typically in childhood) aspect because the latter also influences and shapes neurology like the stress axis. Meaning that there are already automatic and conditioned tendencies from the outside (childhood through parents, culture, religion, society, and politics all…

  • Clear Minds, Clear Decisions

    Clear Minds, Clear Decisions

    I’m well aware I’m infringing on “holy” ground here. However, my business is health, and the facts are the facts. I thoroughly and truly understand that drinking in business has a large social benefit and even business benefit. I can also lay out a very defined context in which having a drink would have very…

  • Harnessing Health Measurements

    Harnessing Health Measurements

    n this article, we will hone in on Quantifiable targets. Obviously, these metrics differ across businesses in the specificity of the target, but the fundamental aspect and structure can easily be used for taking a systemized approach to improving your health. So think of how you would treat your health (or the health of a…

  • Burnout prevention and recovery

    Burnout prevention and recovery

    My heart was racing, skipping beats, it felt unpredictable and I couldn’t catch my breath. As they ran tests it became clear I had tachycardia plus arrhythmia. Meaning my heart rate would skyrocket from 60bpm to 100bpm cyclically whilst my heart was skipping beats.

  • The Fusion of Mind and Body

    The Fusion of Mind and Body

    Unlocking the Power of Embodied Cognition