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  • Clear Minds, Clear Decisions

    Clear Minds, Clear Decisions

    I’m well aware I’m infringing on “holy” ground here. However, my business is health, and the facts are the facts. I thoroughly and truly understand that drinking in business has a large social benefit and even business benefit. I can also lay out a very defined context in which having a drink would have very…

  • Prioritizing Heart Health

    Prioritizing Heart Health

    In this article, I would like to shed light on a topic that affects each and every one of us: heart health. Our hearts are the lifelines of our bodies, tirelessly pumping blood and delivering essential oxygen and nutrients throughout our system.

  • Burnout prevention and recovery

    Burnout prevention and recovery

    My heart was racing, skipping beats, it felt unpredictable and I couldn’t catch my breath. As they ran tests it became clear I had tachycardia plus arrhythmia. Meaning my heart rate would skyrocket from 60bpm to 100bpm cyclically whilst my heart was skipping beats.

  • The Neurology of Composure

    The Neurology of Composure

    How does your neurology impact your composure? And how do we improve it?

  • Masked Fatigue

    Masked Fatigue

    How Frequent Stimulant Use Increase Burnout Risk